Basics About IELTS Test For Both Canada & Australia 2021

Getting permanent residency in Canada, Australia is not a dream these days. Apart from other conditions that you are supposed to fulfil there is need to appear in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) that acts as a gateway system to all these English-speaking nations for billions of candidates. Even if you get a high-paying job in a multinational company in the country you want to settle down. If you are not able to achieve minimum 6 or 7 band then you cannot get the permanent residency of that country.

This coaching and passing IELTS has provided added avenues to every university even in the Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland etc. This testing system has a set of guidelines that you are required to be followed to migrate the citizenship purposes in any of the above-mentioned countries. It caters to any sector such as software &technology, government sector, or healthcare. Its efficacy has often been proved either by two factors – one, is that more than over thousands of institutes focus majorly on the test scores to make assessment about a person’s English language skills. The test has been jointly owning its accreditation to various reputed organizations such as the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, and IELTS Australia. It’s quite popular with our thousands of IELTS testing centres across the globe.

International English Language Test System (IELTS) the most trusted English language test that is conducted to check the English language competency of the applicants. The English language efficacy of applicants is either checked based on their study purpose or on employment and survival.

Two types of IELTS Test are as follows:

  1. Academic IELTS

For the students who aspire to take admission in some reputed universities or colleges of any English-speaking country, the academic IELTS is meant for them.

  1. General IELTS

The general IELTS is majorly focussed on whether the candidate can live in the English-speaking countries through the use of proper English language with understanding. This is meant for those aspirants who want to either work or migrate to such countries or where they can look for any job there.

IELTS Band Score How is it Calculated? 

The students who actually want to appear for the IELTS exams get a certain score based on their section wise performance out of 40 marks. Based on that score the band of the candidate is calculated and that decides their overall performance. Their scale goes on like this:

  1. Band 9:The candidate who achieves this band is declared An Expert. He is the one who has full operational command on the English language and can easily handle any situation with its help.
  2. Band 8:The candidate who achieves this band is called a Very good one.He has an overall very good performance with some inaccuracies that can either be ignored or can be managed with less efforts.
  3. Band 7:The candidate here gets agood remark as he/she has overall performed better with minordifficulties that could otherwise be handled with ease.
  4. Band 6: This band actually stands for the candidateswho hold a competent place in the IELTS band scale and very well understand and handle the similar situations.
  5. Band 5: This means the candidate has a Modest knowledge about English language and can solve problems only to some extent and is partially aware of this language.
  6. Band 4: The user very limited knowledgewith competency level that is below average.
  7. Band 3: The user has an extremely limited knowledge about English language and can understand and convey in extremely limited situations with frequent breakdowns possible.
  8. Band 2:  The applicant is Intermittent with no real communication possible in English language. Only few broken words can be used by the candidate.
  9. Band 1:Is not the user of the English language anddoesn’t have any capability to at us the language much, with extremely limited usage of words.
  10. Band 0:The user did not appear in the test at all.

Importance of IELTS Coaching

There are lots of doubts about it whether IELTS exam coaching is really important? If you are really serious about getting good band score in IELTS then it is mandatory to get good results in the IELTS exams. So, you should join a competent coaching institute that holds great importance. Let us check how the students or applicants can actually get benefit in the following ways:

  1. The teaching practices are quite exclusive

For scoring good in IELTS exams, the basic English language awareness is not enough. The applicant should make a habit to listen to English language via movies, TV series as Listening part checks how well you can grasp the audio messages and respond to them within seconds or minutes. Even you have to write down the answers properly. And since the time limit for all such activities is very low and you have to be very confident and well prepared as well. The highly qualified teachers of such coaching programs either in the offline and online IELTS coaching can provide the candidate with the enough knowledge and practice.

  1. Regular practice sessions

The candidates do not get time to rectify their mistakes. They should do constant practice at coaching institute so that they are well versed with the tips and tricks used in the test. They have the option to appear for the IELTS mock test online and that prepares the candidate mentally to manage all tough situations and questions that are provided by the examiners.

  1. Doesn’t Need More Time Required for the Preparation

A student without any IELTS coaching needs longer time to prepare for the exams rather than the ones who attend the institutes. Here with proper coaching and experienced teacher’s guidance, the students can learn about the IELTS in a better manner and all of the preparations can be are finished in an efficient manner. The internet is flooded with various sites that provide information on how the IELTS can be prepared at home without coaching, but these practices are not adequate without an IELTS guide.

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