Netflix game launch on ios and Android

Netflix is all ready to launch the new set of games on smartphones. Netflix is going to boom into the gaming market already it is the favorite in almost every household across the world.

Netflix is among the world’s leading entertainment service provider with already over 250 million paid memberships in more than 250countries. People greatly enjoy to watch TV web series. The geographic documentaries across any part of the world with a wide array of feature films across various genres and languages. The members can watch anything unlimited there is no restriction on that part once a yearly subscription is paid. Members can easily watch ,play, pause and resume watching, without the ads or commercials or anything else.

After initial trials tests done in various markets, Netflix announced on 2nd November its start-up of exclusive mobile games. It is all set to roll them out to all of the members globally on various Android devices, at the start of this week. It was in the month of July, that the streaming service provider had confirmed its plans to venture into the mobile gaming market by the addition of this new content category. It comes as an offer to its subscribers, along with the movies and TV giving access to its members its growing number of free games with literally no ads or payments. It has introduced a mix of both the casual games and another one that are centered around the popular original TV series.

Netflix launch Game

In the month of September, Netflix had also acquired the independent game developer Night School Studio that was best known for its titles like Oxen free with self-narration option that helped them to build out the library of Netflix games.

There is full lineup, that may include two “Stranger Things” games and there are three casual games that are available to various members globally on Android.

If Android users want to access the titles, then they have to click on the new Games tab in the Netflix app where in the games are listed. Once the game title is selected then the users are redirected towards the Google Play Store where they can install the games. It is the same manner we do with any other app. It is always important to sign in and play the game, for that you need a Netflix membership.

Once the app is downloaded, you can start to play the games at any time simply by tapping them within the Netflix app or the home screen of the Android device.

However, during their trail times the games were only accessible to Android smartphone users. But with the global launch, they can now be available to various members who can access the Netflix games through Android tablets too. Now also they have planned to feature the games in the new games row and they can be found in the Categories drop-down menu that too available in the Netflix app.

The Netflix has communicated to the team of news and media that the new games are expected to be accessible in the Google Play Store from November 2nd, but the actual rollout process may take a day or so probably by 3r or 4th of November. However, the company has declared that it may also take several days for complete rollout for all of the Netflix members in global markets to access the games.

From adopting a more customer centric approach Netflix has said that it does not have any immediate plans to monetize the games directly. The titles can be freely downloaded without any obstruction of any in-app purchases. Instead, the company wants to see games as a mode to grow and maintain its existing subscriber base. If you want to download any game but you are not a Netflix member, then you can straightaway create a Netflix account on the web.

Netflix has future plans to engage customers from the gaming world as the subscribers usually engage with the help of the mobile device. That hence encourages users to offer a different set of experiences that is far more behind the long-time world of video content creation. Going forwards Netflix is all set to expand its type of user content available by the launch of a TikTok- like comedy video app called as “Fast Laughs” on mobile. It hence helps us to serve the purpose of , expanding the type of content that is available under the Netflix umbrella.

We are actually at the initial stage of entering the gaming world. But we need to ensure that all our systems are going as planned. But for future we foresee Netflix as one of the top gaming app in the world and beat its competitors who are ruling this space from quite some time now.

Earlier also we had launched our movies and TV shows in the similar manner and we highly recommend people to watch movies and then the TV shows. Our aim is to connect great content to its audience so that it has the capability to enter the game side now and build trust.

The company said that it has planned even better options for its iOS users in the coming days

However, in the end we may say that during the period of lockdown and other wise also Netflix has proveditself even to smaller kids who were deprived of going outside their to homes but preferred to watch kids cartoons and movies on Netflix.

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