What is there Inside An Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning is one of the man’s best inventions that has brought in great comforts in the life of not just homeowners but also commercial space owners.

In this modern era, air conditioners have become the must have gadget both for the office or for the vehicles that carry passengers who spend a lot of time out on the road. This has really proven of great benefit both for the drivers who have to drive large cargo trucks during the hot summer days. For schools also kids can now commute in air-conditioned buses for longer travel time also. Apart from the basic three necessities of human’s air, water and food, air conditioner is also top of them.

How the term Ton is associated with air conditioners?

Prior to the invention of air conditioners, there was the method to achieve cooling simply by storing big blocks of ice. When the air conditioners were used, they were measured by an equivalent amount of ice that used to get melted away in a day, hence the term ‘ton’ is used to measure air conditioning.

In this article, we’re going to show you some points that prove that air conditioning is the most important thing that can benefit us.

What are the uses of air conditioning systems?

The air conditioner always gives you many uses such as if you consider the higher temperatures that we generally experience in India while driving on the road or out in the field with heavy machinery, there has always been great advantage of having the trucks, railway coaches and other heavy cargo vehicles air conditioned. Some of their benefits are listed here

  1. The extreme weather conditions such as the heat and humid temperature can always lay great emphasis on our overall intellectual activity. If you have a proper air conditioning system then it makes the atmosphere around you so cool and comfortable that all your stress gets relieved automatically. It helps to reduce heat and humidity, so that we can do our daily chores, office work and other work tasks at ease.
  2. The air conditioners lower the overall temperatures of the room that helps to reduce dehydration and prevents the inhabitants of the room from excessive sweating.
  3. There are certain air conditioning systems that have been installed properly with air purifier that helps to refresh and improve air quality.

Don’t miss out these important points about air conditioning

For the various benefits that air conditioning offers there is always need to take care of certain issues that can create problem. These issues can actuallybe dealt with proper solutions but they’re worth to be noted.

  1. The fact is that air conditioners can at times cause dehydrationits due to the reason the inhabitants do not feel like sweating so there is no water discharge from the body eventually the body doesn’t need water to drink with outside temperatures reaching upto 40 degree Celsius.

In simple words, the air conditioning system reduces the humidity or heat that is caused in the set environment. It’s system works by removing all of the moisture from the air and then pushes the cooler temperatures inside it is called as evaporation cooling. Over the time theair-conditioned space will automatically have lesser moisture in the air, which that otherwise lead to dehydration.

So, it is always advisable to drink plenty of fluids either when you are driving something or doing some work in an air-conditioned environment. If in case you feel too much dehydrated, then it is advisable to always turn off your air conditioning system and drink more fluids till the time you start feeling better.

  1. Always beware sudden temperature difference from very hot to very cold can always cause fever in humans. Such temperature shifts can also affect your respiratory system that leads to you falling sick. It is always advisable to keep the ideal temperature for an air conditioning unit as anywhere between 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is always better to operateair conditioner at the temperature range to prevent any shift between the temperatures.Sudden shift from high temperature to cold one If it starts to get too cold within your vehicle or sleeper cabin, put the temperature up one or two degrees.
  2. Another major point that needs to be taken care of is that there should not be major exposure to an air-conditioned environment actually that can lead to various skin diseases as there may be redness also. The reason behind it is that the use of excessive recycled air leads to an increase in the CO2 whereas straight intake of oxygen reduces. To overcome this there are two options, either change the settings of air conditioner so that it can accept the outside incoming air or at times it is better to occasionally turn the air conditioner on and off, open the windows so that the fresh air comes into the room.


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